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The first ever official Data Provider session who will offer RAW DATA

After a 1:30 hour brain storming discussion, the group take a break and get ready for the Data Provider session.

The representative from the following official data provider were presents :

The representative from the following data integration project offering a SPARQL endpoint:

These are the objectives that were discussed :

  • RAW DATA available as N-TRIPLES dump should be produced by the data provider and made available from their FTP or HTTP server
  • SPARQL endpoint for each dataset should be made available
  • Standard URIs should be used in triple
  • Standard predicate should be used in triple

==RAW Data dump==

UniProt? already offer raw data in RDF from his own FTP server.
DDBJ, PDBJ and KEEG will do the same.

==SPARQL endpoint==

There is already a certain number of SPARQL endpoints available but none are owned by the official data provider.

There is a need for an hosting service offering SPARQL endpoint in which it will be possible to load the official raw data provided by the data provider.

Standard URIs

Standard predicates