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Open Bio* Semantic Web tools


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  • Toshiaki Katayama

RDF libraries in each language

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Name of the available libraries

  • Ruby
    • ActiveRDF: may depends on Rails
  • Python
    • librdf
  • Perl
    • RDF: generic RDF library
    • ONTO-Perl: OBO centric


  • RDF reader (in)
  • RDF generator (out)
language in out
Ruby ? ?
Python o ?
Perl o ?

Tools to manipulate RDF data

  • RDF grep
  • RDF diff
  • RDF sort
  • RDF uniq
  • RDF wc (triple count)
  • RDF cat (combine)

** (most of) these commands will output RDF graph :) ** "sort" before "diff" is better. ** it would be great if "diff" can have an option to ignore "empty node" which can shift internal IDs even if the graphs are almost same.

RDF converters

  • general:
    • RDF --> JSON (for CoarchDB, mongoDB etc.)
  • biological:
    • Bio DB entries -> RDF (in BioRuby for TogoWS, for example)
    • OBO <-> RDF (used in Cell Cycle Ontology because ".obo" file format is easy to read for human)

Interface for SPARQL endpoint

Language availability

Ruby ?
Python o
Perl ?
Java o
R ?