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BioHackathon 2010 Poster session

Poster presentation will be held after the symposium.

  • Date: 8 February, 2010
  • Time: 15:00-16:30
  • Place: 11F Hall at CBRC, AIST, Odaiba, Tokyo

This session will be doubled with self-introduction and intended to start the succeeding open space discussion smoothly.

Therefore, all invited participants are requested to bring a few printed slides describing recent works and tentative goals in the BioHackathon 2010.

Domestic participants are also encouraged to present yours, so that mutual understandings will be easily developed.

Title slide format (1st sheet)

Organizers will prepare the first slide including your name and affiliation etc. so please send your information to biohack3-rgst (at) by 4th Feb.


-- Name:

Toshiaki Katayama

-- Affiliation:

Laboratory of Genome Database,
Human Genome Center,
Institute of Medical Science,
University of Tokyo

-- Country: (where you live)


-- Projects: (URLs are not mandatory)

* BioRuby (
* TogoDB (
* TogoWS (

-- E-mail:

ktym (at)

-- Web site: (if any)

-- Twitter: (if any)


-- LinkedIn public profile

Main contents (2nd to 4th sheets)

Please describe your work and/or your targets during the BioHackathon 2010 in up to three slides.

Here we attach some examples at the bottom of this page, but there are no required format, so you may freely select some slides from your recent presentation etc.

Be sure to print and bring your printed slides! (But, don't worry, if you can't prepare it beforehand, we may use a printer on site)