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Reflect RDFa snippets

Idea 1 (interlaced with the text):

<div xmlns:sioc="" typeof="sioc:Item">
<span class='reflect_protein'><a rel="sioc:topic" resource=""></a>IL-5</span>

Idea 2 (at the end of the document, non-redundant):

<div xmlns:sioc="" typeof="sioc:Item">
<span id='reflectEntity0'>9606.ENSP00000231454</span>
<a rel="sioc:topic" resource=""></a>

Whatizit RDFa service

IL-5 Example:

Converted to Turtle:

This uses a W3 service (

Uniprot RDF

  rdf:type Protein
    rdf:type Structured_Name
    fullName "Transaminase A"
  citation <>
    rdf:type Journal_Citation
      "Aspartate aminotransferase isozymes from rabbit liver. Purification 
       and properties."
    author "Kuramitsu S."
    author "Inoue K."
    author "Kondo K."
    author "Aki K."
    author "Kagamiyama H."
    skos:exactMatch <>
    skos:exactMatch <>
    date 1985
    name "J. Biochem."
    volume 97
    pages "1337-1345"
    +rdf:type Citation_Statement
      rdf:type Tissue
      rdfs:label "Liver"