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  • Kazuharu Arakawa
  • Mark Wilkinson
  • Francois Belleau
  • Arek Kasprzyk
  • Paul Gordon
  • Yasunori Yamamoto
  • Akira R. KINJO
  • Gos Micklem


Lots of use cases in data and service integrations are available in websites such as  myExperiment and  FlyMine. Using semantic web, any of the existing questions and use cases can be more efficient.

So one use case/demonstration would be to compare how data can be published with existing & SW technology.

  • questions that queries over separated DBs
    • using in-house data -> NGS
    • can be in different sources - less cost of integration
  • querying the predicates
    • discovery of DBs
    • hypothesis generation
  • interpreted knowledge
    • not numerical?
    • not too raw?
    • linked by predicates (even if numerical)
  • data are linked
  • migrate SQL to simple SPARQL endpoints
    • easy to convert 20 lines?
    • convert PDB relational to Sparql (kinjo-san, Fransois)
    • miRbase (raoul)
  • users do not have to know the entire schema
  • Paul
    • predict PPI using homologs (PPI in yeast -> homolog in human)
  • formulation of SPARQL queries -> RDFscape
    • can be GUI.