This page describes brief summary how to set up a Virtuoso 6.0.0 server with the Facet search configuration.



Check out the source code via CVS

$ cvs co -r VOS-6_1_0 virtuoso-opensource

223 MB files

$ du -sh * 
223M	virtuoso-opensource/
$ cd virtuoso-opensource
$ sh

Build it (for 20-60 min.)

$ ./        # should only be needed in CVS checkout
$ ./configure --with-readline=/opt/local
$ make -j2
$ make -j2
$ make check
$ make install
$ ls /usr/local/virtuoso-opensource


Set up a database directory (/some/where/db).

$ mkdir /some/where/db
$ cd /some/where/db
$ cp /usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/var/lib/virtuoso/db/virtuoso.ini .


$ pwd
$ /usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/bin/virtuoso-t -f

Open  http://localhost:8890 by your web browser.

Startup with RAMDISK

Use Bio2RDF dump db

  1. Download a virtuoso version 6.0 dump db file form
  2. Rename the dump db as "virtuoso.db" then deply at the db directory.
  3. That's it

(These dump files will not work with version 6.1.0)


Loading RDF

See DDBJ-KEGG-PDBj#Howtoloaddatatovirtuoso

Facet search setup

Add full-text index and ranking

$ /usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/bin/isql 1111 dba dba fct-init.sql

NOTE This should NOT be done for version 6.1.0. (I don't know why...)

Install the fct package

Install the fct VAD package to activate the facet search at  http://localhost:8890/fct

  1. Login as dba user / dba password at  http://localhost:8890/conductor/
  2. Go System admin tab.
  3. GO Packages sub-tab.
  4. Install the fct package.


Apply the following sql script for post installation settings.

$ /usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/bin/isql 1111 dba dba fct-index.sql

Note For version 6.1.0, use fct-index-6.1.0.sql attached below.

Use facet search

Open  http://localhost:8890/fct to use the facet search