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Prospective Queries

We would like to implement an advanced search engine -- something like a Wolfram Alpha for biology.

Expected queries:

  • Gene ID
  • Technical terms
  • Phrase search (e.g. ortholog genes of gene A)
  • DNA or protein sequence
  • :

From  TREC Genomics Trac:

  • <T1>What [ANTIBODIES] have been used to detect protein TLR4?
  • <T2>What [BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES] have been used to measure toxicity in response to cytarabine?
  • <T3>What [CELL OR TISSUE TYPES] express members of the mammalian TIM gene family?
  • <T4>What [DISEASES] are associated with lysosomal abnormalities in the nervous system?
  • <T5>What [DRUGS] have been tested in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease?
  • <T6>What centrosomal [GENES] are implicated in diseases of brain development?
  • <T7>What [MOLECULAR FUNCTIONS] does helicase protein NS3 play in HCV (Hepatitis C virus)?
  • <T8>What [MUTATIONS] in apolipoprotein genes are associated with disease?
  • <T9>Which [PATHWAYS] are possibly involved in the disease ADPKD?
  • <T10>What [PROTEINS] does epsin1 interact with during endocytosis?
  • <T11>What Streptococcus pneumoniae [STRAINS] are resistent to penicillin and erythromycin?
  • <T12>What [SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS] of anxiety disorder are related to lipid levels?
  • <T13>What [TOXICITIES] are associated with cytarabine?
  • <T14>What [TUMOR TYPES] are associated with Rb1 mutations?

From  FlyMine Templates:

From participants:

  • Q: I have a set of predicted genes from a newly sequenced genome of a Theileria species. What is a unique characteristic of this set from the view point of the biological pathway? Is it natural that this organism lacks thiolase in the mevalonate pathway? (Toshiaki Katayama)